The WTM Centre in Ipswich joins other Centres across Queensland, Australia and the world to help ensure this transformational understanding of the human condition is shared far and wide to psychologically liberate and rehabilitate humanity.

The best way to start immersing yourself in this new paradigm of thought is to watch THE Interview and Videos 1–4 & 14 that are freely available on the WTM’s website at You can also access other free books there, and subscribe to receive, via email, the Freedom Essay series. These essays (which are also available in audio form) cover, in short-form, all the main subjects in Jeremy’s definitive book, FREEDOM: The End Of The Human Condition.

  • “This information needs to be understood by the WHOLE human race as soon as possible.”

    Amanda Pollard,

    WTM Ipswich founder

  • “Be prepared to be thrilled, confronted, at times mystified and awed in wonder. This transformation is for everyone!”

    Joseph Ahie,

    WTM North Queensland founder

  • “This understanding gives us a hope and an excitement that really has, until now, never really truly felt possible!”

    Aggie Seiler,

    WTM Brisbane founder